Online Dating Etiquette: A Step By Step Guide To Making It Work

Online dating has become a way of life. Some people think the online dating scene illustrates anti-social behavioural patterns portrayed by the younger generation, but with technology comes to comfort, and with comfort comes the freedom to pursue someone without getting into a messy situation.

There is no guilt about no longer being interested, and wanting to ditch the person. You are in control of the direction the conversation takes. Ask questions that the person can answer freely, but which will give you some insight into how they think and their personality traits. Don’t be afraid of what the person might think, he/she does not know you, you can’t get dumped if there is no relationship to speak of in the first place.

Here are the steps to acting online dating:


Add details: Add enough details about yourself which help the other person to know you. Add your picture as well where your face is clearly visible. Do not worry about safety because dating platforms like “ “ provides all safety and securities.


Become a regular: Join in a friendly chat with the regular nicknames (nicks) in the room, and soon you will be considered a regular too. Hang out in the room for a while and get to know the nicks that pop in and out on a daily basis. Being a regular is like being a date magnet. Everyone wants to know who you are.

Know yourself: And know exactly what you are looking for in a partner. If someone approaches you, the list of questions they have for you will flow freely, and nobody wants to pursue someone who is not sure of what they are seeking themselves.

Tell the truth: If the relationship moves forward, the truth will ultimately come out. It’s best to be yourself right from the beginning rather than tell a daft lie, only to be found in the end. Because then everything would have been based on a lie.

Keep the tone friendly: Being irritated or pessimistic about the opposite sex or your previous relationships isn’t very attractive.

Be prepared for interrogation: This is the platform to ask questions in the quest to get to know one another. Online dating makes it easy to ask those questions you would never dare ask on a first, second, or even third date. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t retain an air of mystery. Ask those questions without any hesitation.

Don’t make steep demands: Remember that this is a cyber relationship and that you cannot demand all the person’s time, even if it’s the most enjoyable pass time for you. Making demands or becoming too attached will make you look like a psycho freak!

Talk on the phone: Once you’re more familiar with each other, when he/she asks permission to call you, allow him/ her to. Find out if he/she is as good with talking as they are with chatting online.

Chat for a month: You have to allow time to pass for the getting-to-know-you process to take its full course, online only. Once you’re sure that he/ she is not a maniac, you’re ready for the next step…

Set up a meeting: We’ve read about the dangers of meeting people we chat to. But there is a step by step guide to everything in life, and meeting people we think we know is one of them. Set up the meeting in a public place, such as inside the mall close to home. Arrange for the meeting to take place when the mall will be crowded, preferably the end of the month. Let him/ her know that you’re only available for a short period due to other appointments, mention the time you need to leave. This gives you room to run if the date goes sour. Let a few friends know exactly where you will be meeting your date and call them when you leave so that they know that you’re safe. Call him/her later in the day, if you’re still interested.

Set up a few more meetings: Give him/her a chance to know you, but “never talk about your medical struggles. Don’t brag that you’re tough enough to pass a kidney stone without even flinching.

Have you tried online dating yet? Let us know in the comment section!


Author: Rachana Mesvaniya

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