Refund Policy

Refund policy

Effective Date: May 14, 2019

  1. Your payments

If you need a refund, please read this Policy carefully.  

The Refund Policy applies to every payment sent to the Beautiful People website or any related sites, applications, services and tools.

  1. Consent & General Rules:

You accept this Refund Policy by signing up, accessing or using our site, content, services, products, technologies or any feature we offered on the website, related site, applications, services.

We may alter the Refund Policy at any time and we will list the effective date. By using Beautiful People, you accept that the local laws do not alter or affect our Refund Policy.

You accept that it is your responsibility to read and understand the features before purchase.

Our features are provided “as is, where is”, without warranty of any kind, without exception.

You are solely responsible for, and assume all liability regarding your interactions and communications with Members through the Services and all possible consequences or outcomes of such interactions and communications.

You assume and accept a possibility of being insulted, cheated, humiliated or otherwise. We are NOT responsible for the Members’ behavior online and offline, including; but not limited to; the refusal to communicate with other Members, detection of the fact that any Member is married, or in a relationship, or is not whom s/he pretends to be.

You understand that we make NO guarantees, either express or implied, regarding your ultimate compatibility with the individuals you meet through the Site and Services.

We insist that you read our Terms and Conditions of Service again for full and comprehensive understanding of the Services nature.

  1. Refunds

EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY stated in this Refund Policy and Terms and Conditions of Service, fees paid, Credits purchased and Credits spent are NOT REFUNDABLE. However, we may provide exceptional refunds not outlined in this Policy at our sole and absolute discretion depending on the situation and the circumstances.

TO HANDLE YOUR REQUEST FOR REFUND EASILY, first, you should look through Sections 3(a) and 3(b) of this Policy in order to find out whether you have grounds for refund and the type of refund you are entitled to (guaranteed or voluntary, money or Credits refund). Once done, please see Section 3(c) for conversion rate if you are entitled to money refund against Credits and check whether you have observed TIME LIMITS for such request provided in Section 5 of the Policy. Finally, explore Section 5 to find out what a Request for Refund must contain and read the example we provide for your convenience.


3(a)(1) Money Refund upon Cancellation

Money refund will only be made where you want to cancel any of your Credits purchase within fourteen (14) days of your payment to us.

The following criteria will then be used to determine the validity and amount of such refund:

If you have not redeemed any amount of Credits for the Services, we will refund your fees paid for Credits in full.

If you redeemed any amount of Credits for the Services, we will provide a refund for unused Credits in the amount calculated according to Section 3(c) Credits Conversion Rate of this Policy.

3(a)(2). Other Money Refund

We will refund your fees paid for Credits in full if:
(a) there was a duplicate payment;
(b) the transaction was not authorized by you if confirmed by our internal investigation.

3(a)(3). Credits Refund

We shall refund the full amount of Credits spent by you back to your account in the following cases:
(a)    ordered Gift delivery has been cancelled;
(b)    your request for personal contact details of a Member sent through our Site has been declined by the Member;
(c)    we have not provided the Services that you paid for due to a Technical Issue*.
*Technical Issue – an event or a series of events that take place on our side, as Service provider, for a short or substantial period of time which caused defective Services provision, such as technical problems with online chat, sending letters, video streaming, gifts delivery or other.


Please note that any and all voluntary refunds are not guaranteed and are provided by us at our sole and absolute discretion on case by case basis.

3(b)(1). Money Refund upon Your Termination or Termination by Us.

If you applied for account termination, we may refund you the value of any unused Credits for which you have previously paid.
If your account or access to the Services is terminated by us for no reason or if we discontinue availability of some or all of the Services, you may be refunded the value of any unused Credits for which you have previously paid.

For the purpose of this Section the amount of refund shall be calculated according to Section 3(c) Credits Conversion Rate of this Policy.

We NEVER provide a refund to you if your account is terminated by reason of violation of our Terms and Conditions of Service.

3(b)(2). Credits Refund

We may refund the Credits spent by you back to your Member’s account if you find the provided Services to be deficient.

*Deficiency of the Services – service of improper quality (for example, bad quality of communication translation, Live Video Chat of poor video quality, etc.)


If we decide to provide a refund to you according to Section 3(b) Voluntary Refunds, the amount shall be calculated according to our conversion rate of 1 USD or EUR 0.4 per one (1) Credit.

If you purchased Credits both in USD and EUR, you will receive a refund in the currency of your last transaction.

See Terms and Conditions for our Cancellation policy.

We provide NO refunds by reason of not meeting your expectations while using the Site or dissatisfaction with communication and/or anticipated outcome of communication with any Member of the Site.

We do not refund you money for letting others know unsecured passwords, email accounts or computers, or for any event that allowed someone other than you to purchase a Subscription for your profile.

We do not refund you money for technical issues other than wrong payments. We do not refund you money for “bugs” (errors in the implementation) or for mistakes in the translations.

We do not refund you when another member violates our Terms and Conditions.

We are not bound to refund you if we cancel your membership, for violating our Terms and Conditions, in our opinion. We have the right to cancel any membership without notice and without refund.

  1. Limitations

In no case, under no circumstances, are we bound to refund you more money than you paid. We do not have to pay for any kind of damage or cost of yours or your relatives or anyone else, no matter which one of our services you might used under what conditions. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

This applies, without limitation, to exchange ratios, in both ways. We are not obligated to refund you a higher amount than you paid, in the currency you paid. We are not obligated to refund you higher amount, measuring in our main currency, than your payment was worth in our currency the time we converted it. Our main currency is US dollars.

By purchasing anything from us on Beautiful People, you agree with everything above, completely.

  1. Refund Procedure

If you believe that you are entitled to refund, please send a Request for Refund to our authorized support e-mail:

Request for Refund shall contain all of the following:
(a)    date of the request;
(b)    precise formulation of all reasons for the respective request;
(c)    your name and a copy of your registration details;
(d)    relevant information and any supporting evidence where applicable;
(e)    User ID(s) if your request is induced by inappropriate activity of such User(s).

Our support may request any additional information if we reasonably believe that you submitted insufficient evidence in your Request for Refund.

All the provided information in Request for Refund must be true and correct.

We shall process your Request for Refund within twenty four (24) business days of receipt of request to review your request.

In the event of a refund you agree that you may receive the money by bank transfer or PayPal.

  1. Important Notice

You shall ALWAYS FIRST apply for a refund to us BEFORE applying to your bank, card issuer or payment service provider for a charge-back.

Should you in bad faith apply to your bank, card issuer or payment service provider for a charge-back without first following our Refund Policy, we may be entitled to bring legal action against you to recover from you any resulting losses that we may suffer as provided in our Terms and Conditions of Service.

In case of conflict between this Refund Policy and our Terms and Conditions of Service, Terms and Conditions of Service will prevail.

Last updated on: May 14, 2019

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