There is No Perfect Man – Stop Lying to Yourself!

We have been hearing about “Mr. Perfect”, “Mr. Right”, “Perfect Prince” and what, not since childhood. There is always a perfect guy for a woman and both end up in a loving relationship and live happily forever. Well, that’s what happens in stories. But, real life is different and real men are far more different than what we hear or see in stories.

There’s no concept of “Mr. Perfect” in real life because there are no perfect or even close to perfect men in this world.


Who made these rules for women?

It has been said that for a loving relationship to function, compromises have to be made by both partners. Although this is true, many times there’s the only woman who compromises. If a man is trying to control your life, that can be a sign of an abusive relationship. Being in a relationship shouldn’t mean changing your whole lifestyle for just one person.

asdaweIn this world, a woman is always expected to compromise in a relationship even if she’s dying. People are always there to tell a woman to dump herself, forget everything, and put that fake smile on her face for man in order to make the relationship work. Many times women are told to act humble so that they can get husbands to marry them even if these men are nothing close to humanity. As a woman, you are told sometimes to act unintelligent so that you won’t chase away husband materials. It breaks my heart when I see or hear about many women enduring bad relationships with badly behaved and irresponsible men because they are following what society tells them to do.

It is not unusual to make some compromises when you are in a serious loving relationship. These compromises include when to get married, where to hold your wedding party, where to live after marriage, what brand refrigerator to buy, or where to go on a honeymoon. These are compromises you make daily that make you flexible in a relationship. But there are bigger compromises which no women should make in a relationship because of a man. Any man who tries to keep you from seeing your family and friends is a potential abuser. It’s not fair to allow society to trick you into making unhealthy compromises just to keep a man. As a woman, you should compromise in a relationship without changing yourself.


It’s Time to STOP!

It’s time to say, STOP. Stop making compromises for men who don’t care about your heart. Stop making compromises for the relationship that won’t benefit you in the long run. Stop suffering unnecessarily because of men who don’t know how to love or behave in a loving relationship. Stop getting hurt in a relationship where you gave your everything.

Do not confuse love with someone’s selfishness. Do not allow something that doesn’t feel right to have power over what happens. No man who loves you will hurt you or abuse you emotionally. No man who loves you will treat you with disrespect. No man who loves you will make you tolerate domestic violence. No man who loves you will make you feel as if you’re compromising yourself to be with him. Because that’s not loving, that’s manipulation.

gjgjkDear Woman…

Dear women, you deserve a pure loving relationship. You deserve hands that will hold you with care, but also support you when needed. You deserve love, kindness, and care. You deserve to be valued. You deserve tenderness. You deserve a man who will be there. You deserve a partner who will build you, not break you. You deserve a partner who will understand your desires.

You are a worthy wonderful woman. You don’t have to place yourself in an unloving relationship just to be ‘cared for.’ If you feel unsafe or unsteady, if something is not right, please get the strength and leave. Do not compromise yourself for any man.


You are stronger than you think!

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