Beautiful People; Comparison with Eharmony

Technology plays a critical role in our social lives. Online dating sites and apps are among the most popular ways to find a new partner for yourself if you are single. The trend of online sites is growing day by day. According to a study, there are more than 1400 online dating sites in the UK only. Among the famous sites, there is a site Eharmony based on scientific methods for compatibility matching of the individuals. We will compare our platform, Beautiful People with Eharmony, in this article based on some key factors discussed in detail below.

Registration Process

Let us start with the registration process of both sites. If we go to the registration page of Beautiful People, we find that the registration process is straightforward. It is a two-step process. First, you have to enter your username, email, and password. You have to verify the account using a link sent to the registered email address, and your process is done. You can log in to your Beautiful People account.

On the other hand, as we mentioned earlier, Eharmony is an online dating industry that uses a scientific approach to matching highly compatible singles. On sign up, you have to complete a questionnaire of around 80 questions called a compatibility quiz to determine the individuals’ core values. At the end of that, you get a complete form to get your details.

Key Features

Homepage of Website

Homepage of both sites is organized. There is a background video running on the excellent homepage of Beautiful People. The homepage of Eharmony is designed and managed well. Each thing is in its place and looking perfect.


Eharmony is a Germany based site, but it gives services in other regions like Canada, Australia, etc. On the other hand, Beautiful People is a worldwide platform and not limited to the US, only like many other dating sites.


There are many categories available on Eharmony like Asian Dating, Black Dating, Christian Dating, Senior Dating, etc. There are no such categories on Beautiful People.

User Guide

There are some guidelines available for users on Beautiful People. No such guide is available on Eharmony.

Customer Service

Beautiful People strives to maintain strong customer support and a continuous level of excellence. Beautiful People always prepare for 99 percent positive feedback. The customer support for Eharmony is not that good, as evident from their Google Playstore reviews.

Memberships and Features

The slogan – ONE PRICE- The way dating should be – super simple yet very effective! Beautiful People give their members a lot at an affordable price. There are three different Packages, so feel free to find your best:

  • FREE Potential members $0 For life
  • Premium- For people who are looking for fun; $15.00
  • Elite For people who are looking for casual; $20.00
  • VIP- For people who are looking for a serious relationship; $30.00


Video Features

Elite & VIP members get full and completely free online access to the video chat and call features.

VIP Verification

Every new VIP member goes through our strict vetting process to ensure you are only browsing real profiles.

Photo & Video Monitoring

We use advanced digital image recognition technology and human moderation; we take steps to enforce our photos & video guidelines, such as regularly removing pictures that don’t meet our standards, including spam, nudity, violence, illegal activity, and more.

My Billboard

This is a feature unique to VIP members of Beautiful People. VIP members can see side activities and boost their profile using the My Billboard feature available in different packages. You can instantly tell your “stories” and post a one-minute video that runs for a full day.


There is limited access to free members. You can upgrade to premium if you want to unlock more features like unlimited messaging, view unlimited photos, unlimited messaging, see who has viewed you, distance search, detailed personality profile. Further, there are three plans shown.

Premium LIGHT Premium PLUS Premium EXTRA
6-month plan 12-month plan 24-month plan
View unlimited photos View unlimited photos View unlimited photos
Unlimited messaging Unlimited messaging Unlimited messaging
See who’s viewed you See who’s viewed you See who’s viewed you
Distance search Distance search Distance search
Detailed personality profile Detailed personality profile Detailed personality profile
$69. 90/month $45. 90/month $35. 90/month
Applicable sales tax will be added to the plan price

Connecting with the People

Now the last yet essential comparison. It includes the features a user gets on both platforms when he/she is logged on.

Beautiful People

Once you are logged on, you can see the members directory with a search option. You can check the profile of a member. You can check his/her personal information, mentions, friends, and groups, etc. The second fantastic feature is recently online members. Next is the groups part. You can search for groups as well. On clicking a group, you can see its members information and media. You can join a group by clicking join group. You can create your group if you like.

Now we talk about the features available while you connect with a person. You can message a person privately with a subject. You can add a person by clicking the add friend option. You can report or block a person. Other features include location and public mentions. Stay safe by making video chats and calls through our system. Elite & VIP members get full and completely free online access to these features.


Once you login into your Eharmony account, you are directed to a homepage. The prominent thing that it shows is your matches. You can go to matches and check them. Another section is for your messages. You can complete your profile information by editing it.

Now, we talk about interaction with a person. Unlike beautiful people where you can send messages to everyone without any condition, here you must have completed 50 % of your profile, which includes Introduction, Who am I and About me sections, etc. Once you are done with this, you can send messages to the other person to know each other. You can send a smile or an ice breaker. There is a video chat option available, but you have to send a message to the person.

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