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In today’s times, finding a partner or your soul mate has become a real concern. It may not look very easy but can be sorted out quickly through Dating Sites. Yes! You heard it right. Dating sites are providing some real benefits and assistance in finding your partner if you are single. With random matching, conversation, video calls, and even location filters, it becomes straightforward. Therefore, to know more about these dating sites’ nitty-gritty, we are here to compare our brand Beautiful People with a known site named Match. The comparison would lie between the services and features both sites have adopted in the recent phase.

Registration Process

Let’s start with both sites’ registration process, coming to the homepage of Beautiful People; it is quite simple and straightforward. Its registration process is embedded into two parts: adding email, username, and password in the first stage. In the second stage, you need to verify your account by a link sent to your mentioned email address. After completing these two technicalities, you are logged in to your Beautiful People account.

Coming to Match, the things don’t go as straight forward and easy. When you are done downloading the app, you need to answer some questions about yourself with more-in depth to follow. In the end, you get a complete chart to fill, which includes postal code, gender, education, email address, username, and your account password.

Key Site Features


The homepage of Beautiful People is based on a modern layout. There is a wonderful background video playing. On the other hand, Match has an old-fashioned website design.


The Match is a UK-based site, but its headquarter is located in Texas. Serving in more than 50 countries and 12 languages, Match is a perfect dating site for singles. On the other hand, Beautiful People is a worldwide dating app and is not restricted to the USA or some countries like Match.

Customer Services

Match has a well-developed customer service by sending an email containing your issue to their site, but it is not swift responding to questions and answers. On the other hand, Beautiful People also have a top-notch customer service section, which includes an email address as contacting our option. You can mail your issue directly to them, and they respond within 48 hours.

Memberships and Features

The most important aspects of dating sites are their memberships, which they offer and provide to their users.

Beautiful People

The Slogan -ONE PRICE- makes the beautiful People an effecting sites to find your partner. Its memberships are divided into three categories, which are mentioned below.

  • FREE Potential members $0 For life
  • Premium- For people who are looking for fun; $15.00
  • Elite For people who are looking for casual; $20.00
  • VIP- For people who are looking for a serious relationship; $30.00




Video & Photo Verification

Beautiful People offers video & photo verification service to help prevent others from scamming real members posting photos of others, photos of themselves 11 years back or 20 to 30 pounds lighter in weight. To verify a photo, users are asked to take a video selfie to record their appearance from multiple angles.

Photo & Video Monitoring

We use advanced digital image recognition technology and human moderation; we take steps to enforce our photos & video guidelines, such as regularly removing pictures that don’t meet our standards, including spam, nudity, violence, illegal activity, and more.

Video Features

Elite & VIP members get full and completely free online access to the video chat and call features.

VIP Verification

Every new VIP member goes through our strict vetting process to ensure you are only browsing real profiles.

My Billboard

This is a feature unique to VIP members of Beautiful People. VIP members can see side activities and boost their profile using the My billboard feature available in different packages. You can instantly tell your “stories” and post a one-minute video that runs for a full day.

Real-Time Translation

We included real-time language translation in the web application as well as inside the chat window. We will make sure your message reaches your partner beyond borders.


The memberships of Match also vary from Premium to Elite and VIP. However, they also include free access, but users are limited to only some basic features. You can upgrade the membership and then access features like unlimited messaging, live chats, live calls, changing location filter, restricting areas to find locals, and many more.

Full Price: If you want to sign up for for one month, the cost is $35.99.

Standard Plan: You can choose from two distinct standard plan options. The three-month standard plan costs $19.99 per month, and the six-month standard plan costs $17.99 per month.

Value Plan: There are two value plan options, as well. The three-month value plan is $23.99 per month, and the six-month value plan costs $19.99 per month. The value plan offers additional benefits, such as notification when a member reads your email. Furthermore, your profile will be highlighted on the site.


Communication Tools

These tools include photos, profiles, mail messages, and mail read notifications.

Mobile Support

The match site is available on mobile as well. Simple to surf but contains nearly all the tools available on the desktop site.

Advanced Search

This feature helps the users sort user profiles according to various lifestyle features, e.g., occupation and exercise frequency. Further, you can also sort users according to their physical appearances, such as eye color and hair color. Furthermore, there are advanced search filters offered by the site.

Connecting with People

Last but not least, this feature is present on both sites when you log on to the sites. The following comparison would help you more in choosing the right brand.

Beautiful People

When you log on to Beautiful People, you are welcomed with a member directory, including a search option. You have five-sections comprised of random matching with changing location, filters, and searching for members. Secondly, it has a messaging section, which can be regarded as inbox conversation, and the rest three are for going towards your profile and memberships. You can swipe up and click the random people through matching and start a conversation with them. However, many of the features are restricted to premium users only.


Talking about the Match, you are also welcomed with a random matching section, and you can swipe up your favorite faces. It also includes a profile and setting section, an inbox conversation section, and changing location and search options. You get nothing before adding a premium membership as in free access; you get limited messages to a sure pick, unlike Beautiful People.

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