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Are you in the mood to date? Perhaps you have been trying different dating apps, but you just haven’t found the one you clicked with? It’s harder with dating sites, we get it, but a unique dating site with countless features is here now and is named “Beautiful People”. The goal of Beautiful People is to form connections between people. Customers, their preferences and their safety are our top priority.


A little about Beautiful People

They believe that the names of dating sites should be unique. Beautiful People has been specifically chosen because the two words have the same meaning across different cultures. The aim is to provide fun and serious relationships to its users. It’s definitely more unique. How? Well, it allows you to video call, video chat, and group call with your potential date. With this online dating site, you can also view a gallery of the person you are interested in. Finding your significant other just got so much easier!


Why Beautiful People?

With so many dating sites available, why this specific one? Well, Beautiful People understand the monumental struggle of going through numerous dating apps just to find one match. Beautiful People makes it easier for you. Here’s how:

Free membership

Beautiful People announced to give away 12000 Beautiful People around the world for FREE. They aim to make dating easy and affordable. The free membership offer includes.

  • 6 months of Premium membership
  • 4 months Elite Membership
  • 3 months VIP memberships

You could be among these lucky 12000 people find your better half for free! Hurry, you might get late. This offer is valid from November 30, 2020, to December 31, 2020.


It is so easy to get scammed with online dating, which is why they have a strict vetting process. Every VIP member has to be verified before they can start browsing. In this way, you will only be interacting with real people.


If you have found the perfect match, you don’t need to worry about the distance. With Member Map, the online dating site will show you how far away your match is.

Data Safety

Your data is protected and encrypted, which means your information is safe. You don’t have to think about the possibility of a data breach either as Beautiful People never sell your data to a third party. Also, if you feel the need to deactivate or delete your account, you can do so without a second thought.


If someone is harassing you, or you are simply not comfortable talking to anyone on the website; all you need to do is block the profile. It can be done very easily with just a tap of the button. No questions asked!


Here’s another unique feature of the dating app, it doesn’t just show your match based on location. It also takes into account your interests and matches accordingly. Plus, if the dating site matches you with someone beyond your borders, your message will be translated in real-time. Talk about the perfect love story!


In this age, it has become so easy to scam people. You could be looking at a picture that is 10 years old and thinks this person is flawless. However, Beautiful People has implemented a Video and Photo Verification service which is designed to prevent others from scamming members. They ask members to verify their pictures by agreeing to take a video selfie from multiple angles. Now, you don’t have to worry about meeting a person who looks completely different in real life. That possibility is now out the window.


How it works?

For online dating, it is pretty user-friendly. Plus, the dating site is attractive and will appeal to your senses. It gives you packages at affordable prices, based on your needs. Here are they:

  • Free potential members for life. This will cost you nothing
  • The premium version: for all those who are just looking to have some fun. It will cost you $15.
  • Elite is for people who are looking for a causal relationship. This will cost you $20
  • VIP: if you are looking for a serious relationship and is priced at $30



Global Company

Beautiful People is a global company. They sell their membership packages to people from around the world in their own currency. American dating sites are pretty popular with people who are living in different countries. The best part is that Beautiful People is very easy to say in other languages. It is said the same way in almost 96% of the countries.

The brand name is also unique, and SEO optimized, which means the users can easily search for it on Google. Plus, unlike other dating websites, they also look into SEO in target countries and languages.

Customer Service

Beautiful People, want to maintain a strong relationship with their customers. They are extremely important to them. Their goal is to have at least 99 percent positive customer feedback about the service they provide. If they don’t get that, they aim to provide a better service.

One of their goals is also to collect customer feedback by including new questionnaires and incentives such as monthly drawings for free. They want to ensure that they get feedback from everyone in a timely manner.


Coronavirus and Beautiful People

With lockdowns and social distancing orders in place, it has become that much difficult to find the perfect soul mate. However, they have a solution for you. With video date, your love life got a whole lot easier. You can connect with millions of people across the globe and go on a virtual date. In an attempt to make that happen, they have also offered 12,000 free memberships. Beginning from November 30, 2020, to December 31st, 2020, you can easily get a free membership and find your soul mate.

It’s affordable and easy to join. The whole sign up process will take less than five minutes and you can now start looking through members’ profiles in search of the one. The bio will take slightly longer to write since you really need to come across as appealing. However, no worries. Even if you are unable to do that, you can always come back to it later!

Online dating is definitely the most popular way to meet your significant other. While different dating sites can help you, Beautiful People will suit your needs. Still not convinced? Perhaps this video will nudge you. Check it out.  You will not be disappointed!



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